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We know that with increased isolation and stress, we will continue to see an upsurge in survivors accessing the lifesaving legal services that Texas Advocacy Project is able to provide.  During times of disaster and crisis, intimate partner violence increases and the severity escalates.  Isolation is often the dangerous first ingredient for domestic violence.  Abusers may already be using techniques to isolate victims from friends and family in order to control them.  Survivors will have fewer opportunities to talk to people and get the help they need during what could be a terrifying experience of violence at home.

Funding is our greatest barrier to pushing forward and continuing to serve the thousands that count on us every year.  If you are in a safe home, we encourage you to give what you can to help us continue to provide life-saving resources to survivors during this critical time. 

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Tribute or In Memoriam

Honor the courageous people in your life; help celebrate the anniversary of a healthy marriage; tell a parent or loved one that you appreciate the example they set. By donating in the name of a colleague, family member or friend, you can send the perfect message of recognition. Texas Advocacy Project will acknowledge your gift and notify the honoree.

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Advocates for Hope

Advocates for Hope are our most actively involved donors, having a large annual impact with a modest monthly donation. They receive special recognition, email updates throughout the year, and special invitations to events and fundraisers.

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Major Donor

With an annual gift of $1,000 or more, the Texas Advocacy Project's major donors provide the resources and commitment that are critical to our work. Join an extraordinary group of supporters whose generous gifts help ensure that urgently needed legal services are available to ALL victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Texas. Major Donors receive personal updates from The Texas Advocacy Project's Executive Director, a special year-end report, fact sheets and news clips, plus exclusive invitations to all Texas Advocacy Project events (including an annual Major Donor Reception).

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