Safety Plans

Think Ahead

Make A Plan Before You Need It

It is hard to think clearly and make good decisions when you are scared, tired, and stressed. A key step on your path to freedom is to create a Safety Plan ahead of time, before you are in the middle of a tough, stressful situation.

Personal Safety Plans

A Personal Safety Plan covers the following basic things you need to think about in order to stay safe and get out of a dangerous, abusive situation:

  • How to stay safe during a violent incident.
  • How to stay safe when you are preparing to leave.
  • How to stay safe in your own residence.
  • How to stay safe with a protective order.
  • How to stay safe on the job and in public.
  • How to stay safe with alcohol and drug use.
  • How to stay safe and maintain your emotional health.
  • How to keep your children safe.
  • Items to be sure you take when you leave.


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