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All families have been adopted! You can still make a difference by making a donation below. Financial gifts help us cover the costs of shipping gifts to the families' homes all across Texas and providing each familiy with a warm holiday meal. This campaign would not be possible without support from donors like you. Thank you!

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Texas Advocacy Project's Holiday Gift Drive. Support 10 survivors and their children transition from a home of violence to one of safety. All families are nominated by our attorneys and are past TAP clients who we have helped through our civil legal remedies. Help us give them a holiday filled with warmth and joy! 


  • ADOPT an entire family or individual. ​Email hope@texasadvocacyproject.org with the name of your selected family or individual.


  • SHOP directly from a family's wishlist by clicking on the link next to their name below. Shopping online through each family's wishlist will prevent duplicates from occuring. We ask that all gifts are delivered to our office by no later than December 8, 2021. If you are planning to shop in person, please inform us about the items you will be purchasing.
  • DONATE any amount you wish and we will do the shopping for you! For donations by check please mail to PO BOX 26006, Austin, TX 78755 and inform us by emailing hope@texasadvocacyproject.org


  • VOLUNTEER your time by wrapping gifts and getting them ready for delivery! Email volunteer@TexasAdvocacyProject.org for more information.

Thank You & Happy Gifting! 

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LEARN ABOUT THE FAMILIES: Take a look at each family member's interests such as their favortie color, TV show, or book. Plus, see what each family member wants, needs, or would love this holiday season. learn about the families

[ADOPTED]  Jennifer – 6 M  amazon wishlist
Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend was physically abusive to her and their son throughout their relationship. Jennifer fled the relationship and refused to allow her abuser unsupervised visits with their child. During one overnight supervised visit with their child’s paternal grandmother, the abuser took the child and refused to return him. A TAP attorney helped Jennifer retrieve her son safely and obtain a protective order against the abuser. The TAP Outreach team helped Jennifer obtain relocation and counseling resources for her and her child. Unfortunately, the abuser violated the protective order. A TAP attorney is currently assisting Jennifer with enforcing the protective order so that she and her son remain safe. Help give this family Hope for the Holidays.

[ADOPTED]  Madison  amazon wishlist  
Madison was excited for a new chapter of her life: starting college at her dream school. On her first night at college, a classmate cornered her in her dorm room and sexually assaulted her. The trauma from the assault was life-altering and Madison knew she needed legal help. She decided to open a Title IX case against her school and asked Texas Advocacy Project to represent her. Due to delays in the investigation lead by her school and her abuser appealing the school’s decision in Madison’s favor twice, the case was drawn out and began to seem hopeless. But Madison and her TAP attorney never let up. She didn’t let delays, appeals, or even leaving her dream school get in the way of her fight for safety. Madison’s TAP attorney was with her every step of the way, but ultimately it was her own strength, courage, and perseverance that brought her to justice. As she begins her next chapter, please help give Madison a bright Christmas!

[ADOPTED]  Chloe  amazon wishlist
Chloe is a survivor of domestic violence at the hands of her now ex-husband. Chloe married the abuser in December 2020. In January 2021, the abuser physically assaulted Chloe. She left as soon as she could, but they later reconciled. The abuser physically assaulted Chloe again in February 2021 and she was able to leave for good. Chloe eventually obtained a final protective order and TAP helped her obtain a divorce from her abuser. While her divorce case was pending, Chloe’s vehicle was repossessed. The repossession of her vehicle put her out of work because her career requires her to travel often. Once her divorce was finalized, Chloe asked TAP for information on filing for bankruptcy, saying “this feels like rock bottom.” Around that same time, Chloe tested positive for COVID-19. Chloe has had an unbelievably hard year and could use some light in her life- help give her a holiday to remember.

[ADOPTED]  Rebecca – 12 M, 1 M  amazon wishlist
Rebecca is a survivor of abuse committed by her husband over several years. During their relationship Rebecca began self-medicating with drugs. In 2016, Rebecca’s son was removed from her care and her abuser’s parents were granted sole managing conservatorship. Rebecca was granted limited supervised visits. Since then, she has been sober and has maintained a consistent job and housing. In the past five years, Rebecca has turned her life around completely in order to gain full custody of her now 12-year-old son. With TAP’s help, Rebecca recently represented herself at a hearing, during which she was awarded standard visitation. The judge made favorable comments about her progress and what potential orders in the future would look like as long as she stayed on this path. Please help give Rebecca and her two sons some hope for a brighter future this Christmas!

[ADOPTED]  Jacey – 4 M  amazon wishlist 
Jacey is a survivor of multiple sexual assaults. The abuser initially sexually assaulted Jacey just weeks after she gave birth and went on to sexually assault her a number of times after that first incident. TAP successfully represented Jacey in getting her a lifetime protective order against her abuser. However, he has used the court system to try and continue to abuse Jacey. The abuser appealed the lifetime protective order and a Texas Court of Appeals will soon decide whether Jacey’s protective order should remain in place. Texas Advocacy Project is defending a case in this appeal that will not only affect her, but thousands of other sexual assault victims. Your support will go a long way in making sure that Jacey and her now 4-year-old son can have a joyful holiday season.

[ADOPTED]  Chandler – 8 F, 7 M amazon wishlist
Chandler survived multiple sexual assaults at the hands of her husband. Last year, TAP stepped in and helped Chandler get a temporary ex parte protective order so the abuser cannot return to the home. In the interim, their daughter has made an outcry of abuse. TAP is working to get Chandler a final protective order to keep the abuser away from her and their two children. Chandler is currently unemployed and needs our help to make the holidays a time of joy for her and her two children.

[ADOPTED]  Elizabeth – 2 M  amazon wishlist
Elizabeth is a young mother of a disabled child. She was married to her husband for less than a year before she decided to leave him due to his repeated sexual and physical assaults. The last sexual assault occurred while Elizabeth was pregnant and was so violent that it induced premature labor. Elizabeth gave birth to a baby boy who was immediately airlifted to the nearest children’s hospital due to his premature birth and numerous medical conditions. Today, with TAP’s assistance, both Elizabeth and her baby boy are doing well, especially after TAP secured a divorce and very favorable custody order for them. Please consider giving Elizabeth and her baby boy some Hope for the Holidays. 

[ADOPTED]  Abigail – 14 M, 10 F, 5 M, 4 F  amazon wishlist  
Abigail is single mom to four amazing children. Last year she was physically assaulted by her husband. After she contacted law enforcement, the abuser was arrested but was released within two days. Texas Advocacy Project was able to assist Abigail with a protective order and long term housing. Please help make this a special Christmas for Abigail and her family!

[ADOPTED]  Shannon – 10 F, 6 F  amazon wishlist
Shannon has two daughters she shares with her abuser and now ex-husband. During their marriage the abuser sexually assaulted one of their daughters. He was charged with sexual assault of a child and was convicted and sentenced to prison. Shannon sought help with divorcing her husband and terminating his parental rights. With TAP’s assistance, she was able to obtain her divorce and terminate her husband’s parental rights so that he can no longer have a relationship with their children. Currently, TAP is assisting Shannon with changing the names of her daughters to eliminate the last connection their daughters have with her ex-husband. Please help give Shannon and her daughters a happy holiday while they begin their next chapter living free from abuse.

[ADOPTED]  Kelsey – 1 M, 5 M, 5 F  amazon wishlist 
Kelsey was physically assaulted by her husband throughout their marriage. The abuser is unemployed, has PTSD, and is known to be in possession of deadly weapons. He also has a violent criminal history and has made threats to Kelsey’s workplace, causing her to lose her job. On more than one occasion, the abuser has broken into the marital residence and the last time he broke in, Kelsey was in the hospital with her sick child. During that occasion, the abuser took all of their belongings out of the house. TAP is working to connect Kelsey to services that will help her replace furniture, clothes, and other necessary items, but Kelsey's home is still missing a lot of essential items. Please consider giving Kelsey and her three children some hope this holiday season.

*Names and details have been changed to protect client privacy.