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November 6 - December 6



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Survivor Stories

Elizabeth's Family [ 13 y/o Son, 9 y/o Son, 4 y/o Son] 
Elizabeth and her ex-husband were married for 10 years. During the marriage he was physically and emotionally abusive resulting in a judge immediately granting her a protective order once she was able to break free.  Elizabeth urgently needed a divorce to escape the violence she had experienced for so long. For the first time in her life, Elizabeth is learning how to live independently and how to model healthy and safe relationships for her children. She has her own apartment and a fulltime job. Help provide a wonderful first Christmas for this family.

Diana's Family [18 y/o Son, 17 y/o Son, 13 y/o Son, 12 y/o Daughter] 
Diana knew she had to leave her husband when years of controlling behavior escalated into abuse happening right in front of their children. When he suspected she was going to leave, he acted fast. He got an attorney and used the court system against her to take the children. She found Texas Advocacy Project and was provided an attorney for free. Her attorney helped her receive the court orders she needed: a divorce, a protective order, and custody of her kids. These orders provided safety for her family and gave them the future they deserved.


Lily's Family [19 y/o Son, 18 y/o Son, 16 y/o Daughter, 14 y/o Daughter] 
Lily endured physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her ex-partner for years. She was able to gain enough courage and strength over a year ago to leave the abusive relationship. Since leaving, her partner and his family have continued to harass her and use the system to further control her. Texas Advocacy Project is helping Lily permanently escape the control by moving her divorce forward. Lily has four children, one of which has a disability. Help provide a great Christmas to this deserving family this season!

Brianna's Family [14 y/o Son] 
Brianna was referred to Texas Advocacy Project by her local shelter advocate. Her ex-husband was physically and sexually abusive and monitored her every move. Brianna and her son were unable to see each other for years after she fled from the abusive relationship. During this time The Project helped prepare Briana successfully for her case resulting in her being appointed Sole Managing Conservatorship of her son. Brianna fought hard to establish a safe and happy home for her son and this will be the first Christmas they will spend together after many years apart!

Sofia's Family [17 y/o Son] 
Sofia was a stay-at-home mom to eight children and married to a horribly abusive man for over 30 years.  After years of physical abuse and sexual coercion, at the age of 59 years old with one child still in high school, Sofia took the very brave step of leaving.  With TAP’s help, she will be legally free of her abuser before the holidays.  In her late fifties with no work history or education beyond high school, it has not been easy for Sofia to pay her bills and to support her son. 

Madelyn's Family [9 y/o Daughter, 5 y/o Son] 
Madelyn was married to her husband for 9 years. During that time, he was physically and emotionally abusive. In 2016 her husband brutally abused her in front of her daughter. The assault permanently damaged Madelyn’s face, causing her to receive over 5 surgeries. Madelyn works as a Special Education Teachers Assistant but struggles to pay her bills and provide the basic needs of her family. Madelyn worked closely with her TAP attorney to obtain a divorce and is now able to begin the process of healing from her past trauma.

Julia's Family [18 y/o Daughter, 16 y/o Daughter, 9 y/o Son, 8 y/o Daughter, 8 y/o Son] 
Julia, the mother of five children, contacted Texas Advocacy Project to terminate the parental rights of her abusive ex-husband. He is currently serving a life sentence for the aggravated sexual assault of one of the children. However, during the course of the investigation, it was revealed that he had sexually assaulted all of her children, three of whom are disabled. Let’s help this family move past their traumatic past and celebrate Christmas creating new memories.

Tessa's Family [18 y/o Son, 4 y/o Daughter] 
Tessa was in a very violent and abusive relationship. One night her abuser threatened to maim Tessa and her son came in to help as she ran out to call 911. As she ran out of the house, he shot his stepson several times.  Texas Advocacy Project helped Tessa and her family immediately obtain a life-saving protective order. Fortunately, Tessa and both her children are doing well and Texas Advocacy Project is doing everything the law will allow to permanently separate her from this dangerous man.  Tessa and her children are looking ahead to a new life, free of abuse.

Bianca's Family [4 y/o Son] 
Bianca suffered physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband. His control went as far as installing cameras in their house to track Bianca’s every move. Bianca knew she needed to act fast when he physically assaulted her outside their church in front of their son. With the help of Texas Advocacy Project, Bianca was able to create a safety plan that helped her and her son escape the violence and find refuge. Bianca was able to obtain a protective order and is now in the process of filing for a divorce. Since seeking safety, Bianca has been able to secure a new teaching position and her own home. Help Bianca and her son start their new life free from fear and filled with hope!

Amelia's Family [6 y/o Son, 5 y/o Daughter] 
Amelia has endured physical, emotional, and verbal abuse at the hands of her husband. She is now a single mother taking care of two young children. Amelia has learned that upon filing for divorce, her husband disposed many of her and her children’s personal and sentimental belongings. She works hard to support her two children while healing from the aftermath of her husband’s physical and emotional abuse. Amelia would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make this Christmas special for her and her children.  

*All the names have been changed to protect survivors.

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Mail other donations to 1524 S. IH 35 Box 19, Austin, TX 78704 or contact hope@texasadvocacyproject.org to arrange a drop off. 

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