Hope for the Holidays

November 1 - December 3


Thank you for supporting the Hope for the Holidays campaign. With your help, we were able to fill the wishes of 5 client families! If you would still like to support our organization, you can donate Here

Help fill the holiday wish lists of five of our client families (nominated by our staff attorneys) and support their transition from a home of violence to one of safety.  There are three easy ways to help: 

  1. Shop directly from their personal Amazon Wishlists
  2. Download the Family Wishlists and go shopping
  3. Donate money to go toward most needed gifts and warm holiday meals.  

*Melissa's Family  {Daisy - 6, Claire - 5, Heather - 3}  Melissa is a single, courageous mother of three girls, ages six and younger. Melissa survived physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her now ex-husband. With the help of Texas Advocacy Project, Melissa successfully got a divorce from her husband, and was able to keep her three small children safe by getting orders that limit the father’s right to visitation. Melissa has endured so much but through her resilience she is getting back on her feet with a fresh start. She works hard to make ends meet, and provide the necessities for her children, but would greatly appreciate the chance to make this Christmas special for her three young daughters. With your help and generosity, you can help make this a reality for Melissa and the girls to experience the joy of Christmas.​

*Natalie's Family  {Sarah - 6, Molly - 5, Alvin - 3}  Natalie endured an extremely physically and verbally abusive marriage for over 7 years. She fled to Texas to break the cycle of abuse for her and her children. This has left Natalie to fight for her freedom from her abusive husband with help from The Project. Your gift to Natalie’s family will share hope, encouragement, and a little Christmas spirit in this new season.

*Selena's Family  {Jessica - 12, Jenny - 10, Jake - 8, Derrick - 1} Selena is a hard-working, single mother of four growing children, ranging in age from toddler to pre-teen. Selena left an incredibly abusive husband and was able to bravely represent herself successfully getting her divorce. During this ambitious endeavor, Selena and her family were severely impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. Unfortunately, FEMA and the American Red Cross denied Selena’s applications for assistance, leaving Selena on her own to find a way to rebuild. Selena and her family have braved and overcome so much this year and they, like every family, deserve to enjoy a wonderful Christmas season. Now, with your help, it would mean so much for Selena to be able to make her children’s Christmas dreams come true!

*Trisha's Family  {Caleb – 3 1/2}  Trisha has endured harrowing physical abuse and emotional torment at the hands of her son’s father. With the support of Texas Advocacy Project, she has been granted a temporary protective order with sole custody. As Trisha works hard to rebuild her life and provide for her son, please consider the opportunity to help make this Christmas special for both of them. After experiencing so many hardships you can help spread a little Christmas cheer to this brave mother and her little boy.  

*Annie’s Family {Jada - 21, Ian - 15, Kirk - 14}  Annie is a survivor of emotional and financial abuse who has endured an ongoing battle with the father of her children to bear his half of the financial responsibilities. Annie works hard to provide for her two teenage sons and daughter but it continues to be a struggle to make ends meet.  With your help this holiday season you can make Christmas special for Annie and her children.

*All the names have been changed to protect survivors.  

Donate Here - To go toward most desired gifts & warm holiday meals.

Gifts purchased from the Amazon Wish Lists will be mailed directly to our office.  Mail other donations to 1524 S. IH 35 Box 19, Austin, TX 78704 or contact training@texasadvocacyproject.org to arrange a drop off.  We ask that all gifts arrive no later than December, 3, 2018.  Thank you & happy gifting!