Hope for the Holidays



We are blown away by the community's support for this campaign! If you are still looking to get involved, please consider making a donation below. A gift of any amount will help us ensure all gifts are delivered in time for the holidays, as well as purchase wrapping supplies, provide warm holiday meals for the families, and purchase any extra stocking stuffers! 

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Our 12th annual Hope for the Holidays campaign provides holiday cheer to 10 survivor-clients and their families. All families are nominated by Texas Advocacy Project attorneys and social workers, and are former or current clients who were helped through our civil legal and social remedies.* We need YOUR help to fulfill each family’s dream wish list so they can have a holiday to remember.

Launches November 10th, Ends December 5th

*Only former or current TAP clients are eligible to be selected for our Hope for the Holidays campaign.


  • ADOPT an entire family or individual. ​Email [email protected] with the name of your selected family or individual.


  • SHOP directly from a family's wish list by clicking on the link next to their name below. Shopping online through each family's wish list will prevent duplicates. We ask that all gifts are delivered to our office by no later than December 9, 2022. If you are planning to shop in person, please inform us about the items you will be purchasing.
  • DONATE any amount you wish and we will do the shopping for you! For donations by check please mail to PO BOX 26006, Austin, TX 78755 and inform us by emailing [email protected]


  • VOLUNTEER your time by wrapping gifts and getting them ready for delivery! Email [email protected] for more information.

Thank You & Happy Gifting! 

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LEARN ABOUT THE FAMILIES: Take a look at each family member's interests such as their favorite color, TV show, or book HERE. Plus, see what each family member wants, needs, or would love this holiday season.

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2 Sons (ages 11, 15)  
Leticia and her two boys have endured a very traumatic year. With the help of our social work team and attorneys, Leticia and her boys were able to obtain a LIFETIME protective order against her abuser. Although she was granted a protective order that requires her abuser to stay away from both her and the children, he has continued to stalk and harass her. To make matters even worse, Leticia was involved in a serious car accident where one of her children required surgery and their car was totaled in the accident. Please help make this family's Christmas a little brighter after all they’ve been through!

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2 Sons (ages 25, 11) 1 Daughter (age 14)  
Isabel and her three children have gone through an incredible journey this year. Isabel's 25 year old son is a COVID survivor and has spent 5 months in the hospital and 2 months in a medically induced coma, on a ventilator, and ECHMO support. After her son's illness, Isabel needed to modify her custody orders against her abuser because he was withholding child support for her younger two children. Due to her abuser withholding child support, Isabel and her children lost power and had to find refuge in a hotel just days before her final hearing. Her abuser also showed up at public events and harassed Isabel and her children prior to her final hearing. Through TAP’s assisted pro se program and social work services, Isabel was able to take care of her children and successfully advocate for a modification of her custody orders. Isabel now feels at peace knowing she successfully represented herself and can now live free from her abuser. Although Isabel now has enough resources to keep the power on, Christmas is likely to be sparse. Hope for the Holidays would surely be able to make this Christmas merry and bright for this lovely family! 

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2 year old Son  
All mothers are lucky, but the mothers who have special needs children are called upon for another level of parenting altogether. Madeline initially came to Texas Advocacy Project after she had received a Military Protective Order against her husband. Her husband sexually assaulted her while pregnant which resulted in the premature birth of their son. As a result, he will have lifelong disabilities. Madeline has done everything she can to be the best mother to her son and the best advocate that his constant care requires. The time and effort demanded for his care means that Madeline may never be able to work in a high-paying career that would allow her to give her son the joy of a wondrous Christmas. Help bring some warmth into Madeline's life!

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3 Daughters (ages 24, 18, 11) 3 Sons (ages 21, 10, 7months) 
Lacy was in the process of relocating to Illinois when she stopped in Odessa to visit a friend. Covid hit and the lockdown changed her plans. Since then, Lacy has fallen upon hard times both financially and due to abuse from her ex-boyfriend. Once Lacy made the brave decision to end the relationship, her abuser threw her off the balcony causing disabling injuries to herself. The assault also caused Lacy to go into preterm labor and, as a result, her son was born with developmental delays. They both have undergone several medical treatments as a result of the trauma they experienced. Her abuser was arrested, but that was not the end of Lacy’s troubles. Her landlord became retaliatory at that time and has made living in her home difficult. She is now facing an eviction and trying to figure out how to make Christmas happen for her family. With all that she and her family have endured over the past year, she needs a win. Hope for the Holidays will allow her to celebrate Christmas and may give her the strength to keep going!

KAMILA amazon wishlist
3 Sons (ages 15, 7, 5) 2 Daughters (ages 13, 1)  
Kamila has experienced immeasurable hardship this past year. Her abuser physically assaulted her while she was pregnant and is now incarcerated. Kamila is the sole provider for her 5 children. Our legal and social teams have provided ongoing support to Kamila and her family, but without the support of the community, this family will not be able to celebrate Christmas. Help Kamila provide a wonderful holiday for her children!

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6 month old Daughter  
Amanda is a human trafficking survivor and endured horrendous abuse from her abuser. Amanda was able to find the courage to flee from her abuser after he sexually assaulted her while she was pregnant. Amanda is caring for her infant alone and is reluctant to ask for help. Let’s help this new momma out with a Christmas she will never forget!

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2 Grandsons (ages 7, 3) 
Sue gained custody of her grandsons after her son was murdered by his wife in front of one of the children. Sue has not had a chance to grieve the loss of her son because she immediately had to step in and ensure that her grandsons would be safe and taken care of. The kids are also dealing with the loss of their father and having their mother in jail. After this past year of hardship, let’s give everyone in this family something to celebrate!

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1 Son (age 10) 2 Daughters (ages 8, 6) 
With the help of our legal team, Salma was able to receive a stalking protective order against her abuser. After receiving the protective order, she learned that her abuser was being investigated (and has since been indicted) for Child Pornography, including that of his own children. Salma’s family is now living through unimaginable trauma and working to rebuild their lives all while trying to figure out how to make Christmas happen. Due to their abuser’s dangerous behaviors, the family has had to move multiple times – adding to their financial burdens. Texas Advocacy Project is currently in the process of helping Salma obtain protective orders for her children and a divorce, as well as terminate the abuser's parental rights. With all that she and her family have endured, Salma and her children need a display of support from our community.

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2 Daughters (ages 11, 1) 1 Son (age 1)  
Marisol’s 11-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by her uncle for years while her own father covered it up. Marisol has been a fierce advocate for her daughter through this process to ensure her daughter's physical and emotional safety. The abuser has recently been indicted and is awaiting sentencing. Let’s surround this family with support and love during this holiday!

RACHEL amazon wishlist
4 Sons (ages 21, 13, 4, 2) 3 Daughters (ages 18, 17, 15) 
Over the summer, after many years of physical abuse, Rachel's abuser pulled a gun on her in front of her children. By the time the police arrived, her abuser fled the scene. Over the next several months, he continued to harass and stalk her. He would stand in the woods outside of their home or tap on windows in the middle of the night. He also continued to send her text messages threatening to harm her and her children. Rachel was forced to flee her home and has recently relocated with her seven children. Our legal team was able to help obtain a LIFETIME protective order for Rachel, but getting to be a part of Hope for the Holidays would shower this family with some much deserved joy.

*Names and details have been changed to protect client privacy.