Hope for the Holidays


We're thrilled to share some heartwarming news about our 13th annual Hope for the Holidays campaign. Each year, our goal is to bring holiday cheer to former survivor-clients and their families*, all nominated by our dedicated attorneys and social workers. This year, we had a limited number of families, and we're overjoyed to announce that, thanks to the incredible support of our sponsors, all families have been adopted! This means they'll experience the warmth and joy of the holiday season like never before.

Due to this overwhelming response, we're concluding the campaign ahead of schedule. Our heartfelt thanks go out to our sponsors for making this possible. Your support has made a profound impact on the lives of survivors and their families during this special time of year. As we look forward to continuing our work in assisting those in need, we invite you to support us and the 5,000 families we help annually by making a gift this holiday season to help fund our life-saving services. 


Thank you to our sponsors!


“Holland & Knight’s Austin Office is proud to support and sponsor Texas Advocacy Project’s Hope for the Holidays campaign. We are grateful for this opportunity to bring holiday hope and cheer to women and children survivors of abuse. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Texas Advocacy Project to empower survivors through legal services, outreach, and education.”

*Only former or current TAP clients are eligible to be selected for our Hope for the Holidays campaign.


3 sons (ages 6, 11 13) 
Olivia is a resilient and loving mother who has dedicated herself to providing for her family over the past several years. With immense courage, she took the courageous step of separating from her abuser, who is now serving time for his actions. Amidst the challenges of securing a divorce and making ends meet, TAP has been a guiding light in Olivia's life, assisting her through the divorce proceedings and connecting her family with essential social services. This holiday season, Olivia and her three precious children hold a simple yet heartwarming wish – the sight of gifts beneath their tree. Your kindness and generosity can illuminate their hearts and bring an extra touch of warmth to their journey toward a brighter, happier future. 

2 Sons (ages 2, 4)
Lexi and her children have faced unimaginable challenges, enduring the shadow of horrific violence over the past two years, all while courageously evading her abuser. Thanks to the compassionate support of TAP attorneys, Lexi was able to initiate divorce proceedings without compromising her safety by revealing her location. Now, she is steadfastly focused on preserving the well-being of herself and her children. Juggling so much, Lexi is determined to craft a Christmas filled with cherished memories for her little ones. Your assistance can help turn this heartfelt goal into a beautiful reality, bringing joy and warmth to Lexi and her children during this special season. 

2 Sons (ages 3,15)
Sadie, a loving mother of two wonderful boys, embarked on a journey of resilience and renewal after her courageous divorce from an abusive relationship. Her determination to regain custody of her children from her abuser which led to her losing her job, making this year especially challenging for her. Sadie faced difficulties in securing beds and furniture for their home, but she never wavered in her dedication to providing a safe and loving environment for her sons. Now, with your support, we can come together to ensure that Sadie and her family experience the magic of Christmas with a beautifully adorned tree and heartwarming gifts. Your kindness will illuminate their holiday season with joy, love, and the spirit of giving. 

1 Daughter (age 2) 1 Son (age 12) 
Melody is a resilient single mother who faces the daily challenges of providing for her two precious children. Her journey has been marked by immense strength, as she endured harrowing abuse during her pregnancy, an experience her son tragically witnessed. Despite the hurdles, Melody's determination shone through, leading her to secure a LIFETIME Protective Order after her abuser repeatedly violated her Emergency Protective Order. This vital step has brought safety and peace into her life, shielding her and her children from further terror. After a year of hardship, let's join hands and come together to ensure Melody can create a Merry Christmas for her children. Your kindness and support will help bring warmth, love, and holiday cheer to their hearts, making this season truly magical. 

1 Daughter (age 7) 1 Son (age 5)  
Ivy and her children embarked on a courageous journey to break free from their abuser. With unwavering determination, she relocated to Texas, seeking information on how to safely start anew. Ivy is currently in the process of obtaining a Protective Order, a vital step toward securing her and her children's safety. Despite the challenges, she has poured her heart and soul into providing for her little family. This holiday season, let's surround this family with warmth, love, and community support. Join us in giving Ivy and her little ones a festive season filled with joy, care, and the hope of brighter days ahead. 

1 Son (6 years old) and 1 Daughter (1 years old)
In the midst of the challenging 2020 pandemic, Jaqueline and her children took a brave step to escape the clutches of a deeply abusive situation, leaving their home behind. Their journey to safety was marked by persistent harassment and threats from her abuser. Thanks to the invaluable assistance of our dedicated legal team, Jaqueline was able to secure a LIFETIME Protective Order, ensure its enforcement, and finally obtain a divorce, thus shielding herself and her children from further harm. As a devoted single mother, Jaqueline pours her love and care into raising her children. This holiday season, let's rally around this remarkable mother and her son, ensuring they experience a Christmas filled with unforgettable moments, love, and cherished memories that will warm their hearts for years to come. 

*Names and details have been changed to protect client privacy.