Support in Representing Yourself

Prepare Legal Documents with Our Help

Assisted Pro Se

The Project's Assisted Pro Se (APS) service helps you if you are not able to access traditional legal services.  “Pro Se” simply means to act on one’s own behalf.

APS services include helping you prepare legal documents for divorces, protective orders, modifications, general legal advice, and related matters.  And our APS services are always free.

Most who access APS services are referred through domestic violence service providers, shelters, and outreach offices throughout Texas.

They are also referred through our hotlines, others attorneys and counselors, and word-of-mouth.

Because personal safety comes first, if you are working with us through our APS service, you will have to maintain an active client relationship with an individual staff member of a local family crisis center.  We can help you establish a client relationship if you need to.


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