Board of Directors

Texas Advocacy Project Board of Directors

Members of the Local Community Giving their Time, Resources, and Leadership

Board of Directors - 2024

  • Alice Kleber Reynolds Foundation
    Alison Watters

  • Impact Austin
    Sharon Dobbs
    Attorney at Law

    Vice Chair
    Retired-IBM Associate General Council
  • Allstate Foundation
    Sherrill Morales, CPA

    Atchley & Associates, LLP


  • Kimberly J. Lasseter
  • Major League Baseball
    Jon Andrews


  • Ginger Averitt


  • Hope Bartolotta


  • Ivy Bela

  • Scott Biscoe

  • Shield-Ayers Foundation
    Gillian Bramlett
    Attorney at Law
    IBM Power Systems
  • Shield-Ayers Foundation
    Laura Broderick

  • Shield-Ayers Foundation
    Annie Cullen

    Attorney at Law
  • Shield-Ayers Foundation
    Denise Davis

    Attorney at Law
    Davis Kaufman, PLLC
  • Texas Access to Justice Foundation
    Matt Domo

    Fifth Vantage
  • Texas Bar Foundation
    Thomas Graham

    Crosswind Media & Public Relations
  • Office of the Texas Governor Criminal Justice Division
    Amber Hausenfluck

    Attorney at Law

  • Lisa M. Jukes, M.D.

    Modern Women's Health
  • Shield-Ayers Foundation
    Lawrence Marchman


  • Gaby Isuani Monohan
    Attorney at Law
    Munck Wilson Mandala LLP

  • Ben Perkins
    pH Partners, LLC

  • Rebecca Potts


  • Michelle Medrano Shillinglaw


  • Nancy Whalen

    Vista Equity Partners

  • Ashley Womack



Advisory Board of Directors - 2024

  • Andrew Weber, Attorney at Law, Kelly Hart & Hallman L.L.P., Chair Emeritus
  • Jose M. Rangel, Attorney at Law, Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P., Chair
  • Marla Broaddus, Attorney at Law, Enoch Kever, PLLC
  • Boran Buturovic, Brookfield Investment Management Inc.
  • Beryl P. Crowley, Attorney at Law, Crowley Legal Recruiting LLC
  • Kathleen Hausenfluck, Lolley and Associates
  • MJ Hegar, Self-Employed Speaker
  • Matt Matthews, Attorney at Law, Matt Matthews & Company, LLC
  • Michael Marcin, Attorney at Law, Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P.
  • Scott Neuendorf, Luther King Capital Management
  • Reena Richtermeyer, Attorney at Law
  • Susan Salch, Attorney at Law, Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P.
  • Alexander C. Schoch, Attorney at Law, Railroad Commission of Texas
  • Kenny Thompson, Jr., Vail Resorts
  • Kelly Thorstad, M.D., Lone Star Pediatrics
  • Michelle Simpson Tuegel, Attorney at Law, The Simpson Tuegel Law Firm, PLLC​