Survivor Services

Everything Else You Need

Resources and Connections Once You Are Safe

Survivor Services provides the necessary tools for long-term safety and starting a new life. Some of the tools we provide are safety plans, shelter locations and options for victims of power-based abuse who may choose not to go to a local shelter.

Texas Advocacy Project works closely with other service providers to insure survivors of power-based abuse can access quality service on a statewide basis. Some of these services are information on how to obtain protective orders, help with difficult or unusual Crime Victim's Compensation claims, and detailed safety planning.

Our Outreach provides trainings to service providers, information about domestic violence to the general public, and seeks to raise public awareness about the crime of power-based abuse. This program also provides information about the Crime Victim's Compensation program, the pro se protective order packet and safety plans in both Spanish and English.

And most importantly, even once you no longer need our immediate services, we are always available to help you with any of the issues that come up as you move on.  We can help with permanent housing solutions, accessing Crime Victim’s Compensation, registering so you will be notified if the offender gets out of jail, and getting referrals for help with mental, physical, and emotional healing.