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Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2021 Handbags for Hope Campaign! Join us March 2022 for our next Handbags for Hope campaign.

Collecting only brand new handbags, diaper bags, and unisex tote bags for survivors across Texas. Each Handbag for Hope is fitted with a discreet tag that lists TAP’s toll-free legal line 800-374-HOPE, safety planning information, and Allstate Foundation’s Financial Empowerment Planning Guide.


For questions or more information email hope@texasadvocacyproject.org.


In 2019, we sought new ways to get Handbags to more survivors in crisis and began to distribute bags to hospitals and clinics for the first time, making them available to survivors who might seek help through a healthcare provider. This year, in addition to the hospital and sexual assault services expansion, we will be amplifying our outreach to new parents and caregivers by collecting and processing brand new diaper bags. These diaper bags will contain the same legal toolkits and will be distributed to healthcare partners for their patients. This expansion hopes to reach at-risk moms-to-be, as pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to domestic violence. Research shows that nearly 20% of women experience violence during pregnancy, with pregnant adolescents and women with unintended pregnancies at an increased risk. 

Texas Advocacy Project collected over 9,400 handbags for domestic violence survivors in 2019. The goal of this campaign is to ultimately lead survivors to free legal help, safety, and new beginnings. TAP, along with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, collect your donations of brand new handbags, diaper bags, and tote bags to support this community outreach effort. TAP has collected more than 45,500 bags via Handbags for Hope since it first launched 14 years ago!

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