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Texas Advocacy Project CEO Heather Bellino

“We hear stories every day about people that are ready to get out of horrible relationships – and Texas Advocacy Project is able to offer support.” -Heather Bellino, CEO of Texas Advocacy Project

“Texas Advocacy Project has free legal services and prevention strategies - in order to stop violence before it occurs. As we know, civil legal remedies give a person an 80% less likely chance to be re-victimized. These remedies work.“ -Heather Bellino, CEO of Texas Advocacy Project

“It takes a coordinated community response to end violence; so that people can live safely in their homes and so that their children can live in a home free of abuse.” -Heather Bellino, CEO of Texas Advocacy Project

“While we have seen a concerning rise in domestic violence due to stay-at-home orders [from the COVID-19 pandemic], we have also been encouraged by the increase in public awareness concerning the critical issue of domestic violence.” -Heather Bellino, CEO of Texas Advocacy Project

“I don’t want a survivor to ever think that because there is a pandemic going on there are no services for them, because there definitely are, and we’re working really hard to let survivors know that. We are here to support them.” -Heather Bellino, CEO of Texas Advocacy Project


Texas Advocacy Project Survivor-Clients

“The #1 thing that can help (a survivor) are legal services. That’s what Texas Advocacy Project is. It’s the rainbow after the rain.”

“[Texas Advocacy Project] is an invaluable service to the people who are the most vulnerable. My life, peace of mind and safety are much better after receiving these legal services.”

"I felt safe knowing an attorney was representing me and was by my side to defend me. [Texas Advocacy Project} is an excellent agency.”

"[My Texas Advocacy Project attorney] saved my life, literally. I was desperate, terrified, ignorant and exposed. [My attorney] was my champion. When the Texas Advocacy Project called to take my case, everything hopeless began to fall away. I could focus on the steps required to press on to victory. I cannot say enough to express how professional, kind, strong, focused, and just plain smart I think [my attorney] is. She is truly amazing. I was blessed."

"I live a more peaceful life. I am really happy about the services that I received.”

"[Texas Advocacy Project’s legal services] made me strong enough to stand on my own.”

"[Texas Advocacy Project] services are a godsend. My attorneys were very professional and courteous at all times. They relieved me of the financial burden, but most of all they helped me emotionally. It gave me freedom from a marriage that was violent and volatile. I am so grateful to everyone at your organization. I have nothing but high praises for all that you have done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your patience, your understanding and hard work. God bless you all."

"The attorneys [at Texas Advocacy Project] are very caring, show concern and eagerly share information. They make me feel as though they truly care about my safety and what happens to me."


Texas Advocacy Project Partner Agencies

“Wow! Thank you so much for the generous provision of backpacks and school supplies for our kids. They came at just the right time! We have a great group of kids ready to start the new school year – and this will be such a blessing to them.” – East Texas Crisis Center, Backpacks for Hope Campaign


Texas Advocacy Project Board Members

“I give to this organization because Texas Advocacy Project provides a real, actual solution to a problem. And that solution can impact generations.” – Shonnery Pettit, Former TAP Board Member

“I am now part of a mission to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and I cannot imagine anything more rewarding.” – Ginger Averitt, TAP Board Member

“Domestic violence is often the buried secret...We are grateful that places like Texas Advocacy Project are available to help those in need.” – Kristina Elizondo, TAP Board Member

"I give to this organization because it is exceedingly well run. Every penny, every volunteer hour, every resource is used strategically - and ultimately provides lasting safety and hope for Texans."  – Alison Watters, TAP Board Member

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