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Teen Ambassadors of Hope Update

Hello Teen Ambassadors of Hope 2017!

Thanks to all of you who have provided updates regarding your campaign efforts.  As school wraps up in the next week, we hope you will have more time to devote to this project. Remember, campaign ends on Friday, July 7.

The Project would like to feature each of you on the TAOH Facebook page and include the link to your Crowdrise page.  Suggestion:  Log into your Crowdrise and make the text section as personal as possible and even include the date, location and details of any events you are creating to raise funds.  This will give your potential donors a personal connection!  We also would love to see any pictures you take at your events.

Other tips from Crowdrise:

1. Email, email, email. Email is for sure the best way to drive donations. Make your page look compelling and then email everyone you know like crazy. Send 'em a link to your fundraising page and ask them to give.

2. Everywhere else. Make sure to post about your cause on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. also. The more visibility, the better. And, direct messaging on Facebook and Twitter works really well too.

3. Raise some money. Try to raise at least $50 this week.

Mark your calendars:

  • Friday, June 23 (12-1:30pm) Optional Training 2 in Austin –Ambassadors attend an optional leadership training seminar led by Dr. Barry Bales of UT’s LBJ School of Public Affairs
  • Friday, July 7:  Final day to accept donations. Cash or checks are due at The Project office by 5pm.  Online donations may be accepted until 11:59pm
  • Sunday, July 23. The Westin Downtown:  Luncheon for all Ambassadors; Ambassador of the Year 2017 winners announced