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Give $20 for Texans

Funding is our greatest barrier to pushing forward and continuing to serve the thousands that count on us every year.  If you are in a safe home, we encourage you to give what you can to help us continue to provide life-saving resources to survivors during this critical time. Make a one-time donation or make your donation a monthly contribution (you may cancel anytime). 

$20 for texans


For donations of other amounts see our GENERAL DONATIONS page.

We know that with increased isolation and stress, we will continue to see an upsurge in survivors accessing the lifesaving legal services that Texas Advocacy Project is able to provide.  During times of disaster and crisis, intimate partner violence increases and the severity escalates.  Isolation is often the dangerous first ingredient for domestic violence.  Abusers may already be using techniques to isolate victims from friends and family in order to control them.  Survivors will have fewer opportunities to talk to people and get the help they need during what could be a terrifying experience of violence at home.  

Watch what Texas Advocacy Project has been able to accomplish during this time of crisis.