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People Dedicated to You

Heather Bellino

Executive Director

For over 12 years, Ms. Bellino has been involved in efforts to help survivors of violence find permanent safety and hope for themselves and their families. The Project’s mission is to prevent domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking throughout Texas through free legal services, access to the justice system, and education. Currently, as Executive Director she oversees the agency's operations, funding and service delivery. Prior to joining Texas Advocacy Project Ms. Bellino had an extensive background in sales and marketing.

Heather participates as a member on a number of committees, such as Texas Council on Family Violence’s Public Policy Committee which addresses the response to family violence in our state and provides feedback and guidance on measures that will be presented to the Texas Legislature as possible agenda items. In addition she is a member of the PROJECT SAFE Expert Panel born from the Senate Bill 434 Task Force which was charged with addressing the relationship between domestic violence and child abuse and neglect.  The panel, funded by the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor’s Office, is developing statewide protocols and the creation and enhancement of training opportunities.  Moreover, the panel has identified and supported the establishment of pilot sites focusing on continued collaboration between systems related to families who find themselves at the intersection of domestic violence and child welfare investigations. Most recently, Ms. Bellino has accepted a position as a mentor for the University of Texas at Austin’s Executive Master in Public Leadership Program. The program is designed for successful professionals who want to expand their impact, broaden their career horizons and cultivate leadership capacity.   Ms. Bellino has been featured in Austin Monthly and has been nominated for Austin Business Journal's 2016 Profiles in Power Award.


Denise Margo Moy

Deputy Executive Director

Ms. Moy has devoted her entire legal career to making justice accessible to survivors of domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Since her start at Texas Advocacy Project (The Project) in 2000, she has held multiple positions including Director of Legal Lines, Legal Director, and now Deputy Executive Director. In all capacities Ms. Moy has worked directly with survivors, shelters, rape crisis centers, law enforcement agencies, and courts across Texas to deliver effective legal services such as advice and counsel through our legal lines and video conference equipment, assistance with protective orders including MOEP's, assistance in pro se matters, and as a supervisor, has participated in impact litigation and, as justice demands, direct representation. Now as Deputy Executive Director and our highest ranking attorney she fulfills a vital role of grant compliance and oversight on all cases at time of closing and of all legal staff in order to ensure clients have received the highest level of care. Prior to law school, Ms. Moy worked in the Texas House of Representatives. 



The Project employs 24 staff, 20 full-time and 4 part-time, the majority of whom are attorneys experienced in providing legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence.