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A teen who received a protective order-

(In reference to coming to Texas Advocacy Project as a teenager needing a Protective Order against her abusive boyfriend.) I feel that my family and myself are safer. I no longer want to be in that [dangerous] position and I don't want to be scared of someone who is supposed to love me. I just want to say that my attorney Bronwyn is my hero, she is the best, and if I can I would like to tell my story & encourage other teens to do and make the right decision. (Name withheld to protect the confidentiality of the client.)

Ms. Moy has devoted her entire legal career to making justice accessible to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. As director of the Project’s legal programs, Ms. Moy is responsible for supervising all of the Project’s legal staff. She is bi-lingual in English and Spanish and has a unique ability for consensus building and program development. Ms. Moy also regularly assists callers to the Project’s three statewide, toll-free hotlines, and before becoming the Deputy Executive Director, she supervised all of the Project’s hotline functions. Prior to law school, Ms. Moy worked in the Texas House of Representatives.

For more than 9 years, Ms. Bellino has been involved in efforts to help survivors of domestic violence and their children permanently break the cycle of violence in their lives. Since joining Texas Advocacy Project in early 2005, she has worked with Project funders and staff to provide free legal services and the access to justice that survivors need to remain safe. Currently, as Executive Director Ms. Bellino oversees the agency's operations, funding and service delivery.

The Project employs 18 staff, 14 full-time and 4 part-time, the majority of whom are attorneys experienced in providing legal assistance to survivors of domestic violence.

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