Pro Se Protective Orders

Pro Se Protective Order Packet (English)

Pro Se Protective Order Packet (Spanish)

Pro Se Protective Order packet (Vietnamese)

Pro Se Sexual Assault Protective Order Packet

Domestic Violence 101

Recommended Reading List

Economic Abuse Services

The Allstate Foundation's Moving Ahead Through Financial Management Curriculum

Emergency Protective Order Program

Emergency Protective Order in a Box

EPO Modification Packet for Website

Financial Empowerment Program

Informational Brochures and Packets

BROCHURE ORDER FORM We offer FREE brochures to shelters, law enforcement, schools, doctor's offices and other organizations and business within the state of Texas on a variety of topics including: safety planning, protective orders, teen dating violence and self representation. We also offer print outs of the packets you see listed above for free. We encourage you to distribute these brochures to the public in order to reach more victims in need and to utilize them within your organization to increase awareness of domestic violence and the legal solutions available. Please fill out the order form and send by fax, e-mail or mail to receive your free brochures.

Interpersonal Violence in Texas: A Physicians Role

Personal Safety Plan - 10 page form (English)

Personal Safety Plan - 10 page form (Spanish)

Personal Safety Plan - short form (English)

Personal Safety Plan - short form (Spanish)

Ways Your Partner May Have Hurt You (English)

Ways Your partner may Have Hurt You (Spanish)

Youth Rights in Domestic Violence


10 Questions- Talking to Your Teen About Abuse

How to Talk To Your Child About Developing Healthy Relationships

Technical Advocacy

Texas Advocacy Project Training Request Form

Teen Dating Violence

2007 Poster Contest Winners! This file contains small pictures of all the winning designs in 2007's Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Poster Contest.

2008 Poster Contest Winner This file contains the winning design from Vista Ridge HS' Olivia Engen in this year's Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Poster Contest.

A Guide to Addressing Dating Violence in Texas Schools Effective immediately, HB 121 requires all Texas school districts to adopt a Dating Violence policy which includes (1) a definition of dating violence, (2) sections on safety planning, (3) enforcement of protective orders, (4) school-based alternatives to protective orders, (5) training for teachers and administrators, (6) counseling for affected students, and (7) awareness education for students and parents/guardians. This document will assist schools and community groups in meeting those requirements.

Safety Plan for Teens Safety planning is important whether or not you are ready to break up.


Volunteer Application (.doc) Ready to jump in and get started? Just fill out this form and return it to us, or complete the online form above. Our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you soon!

Volunteer Opportunities (pdf) See this document for descriptions of volunteer positions and activities at Texas Advocacy Project.

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